Increase employees responsiveness virtually anytime, anywhere

Your business depends on access to your data and network connectivity. We will help you implement industry standard security practices on a network level that prevent individual employees from inadvertently causing damage.

1. Protect your business

• Detect, clean, and block spyware and unwanted software on.

• Use anti-virus and anti-spam protection to help protect your information from malicious attacks, viruses, and spam.

• Implement firewalls to secure your network.

2. Help ensure PC and network health


• Keep all PCs and servers in your network current with the latest Microsoft updates to enhance the security of your network.

• Validate your desktop operating system and receive access to the latest updates of the Microsoft antispyware application to help protect your business from future spyware threats.

3. Prevent data loss and restore accidentally deleted files


• Create and maintain a backup system so that you will retain crtical data in the event of any unforeseen problem.

• Use scheduled backups to easily retrieve accidentally deleted files and restore pervious versions.